PlanetFab specializes in branding, creative direction & graphic design

Close-up photographs of a model's eye with blue and green eyeshadow and colorful feather lips, juxtaposed with satellite imagery of Vinson Massif in Antarctica and the Straits of Magellan in South America, from the "Satellite of Love" beauty editorial in City Magazine, photographed by Thomas Rusch with makeup by Loni Baur and creative direction by Fabrice Frere of PlanetFab.

city magazine

finding beauty on google earth


Elie Tahari

on-set with luxury fashion


gregory kramer

artists, photography, design, layout—downtown

planetfab Harrys of london display image

harrys of london

A provocative campaign for a classic brand

Mayman Aerospace Display Image

Mayman Aerospace

an interactive, multi-layered design approach

equality charter school

a rebranding revolution

mercer hospitality

roaring into a new era with Leo the lion


an Online Strategy for Higher Education


serving 15-love for the u.s. open

Mezze Hospitality Group

a simplified approach for a dining destination

equality charter school

finding the connection for school & community

pansy landscaping

giving flowers & pink triangles an identity

global community charter school

distinguishing a premier harlem charter school

mercer street hospitality

a brand identity for new york city's dining scene

Rachel Dunham Design

creating the rd factor


a teaser campaign with propaganda & meryl streep

The End

stuck in the status quo?