whether it’s a poster or an entire identity system, planetfab is here to dig deep, think big, and push beyond the obvious

While others may simply execute —
we choose to expand

who we are

Founded in 2007 by husband-and-wife team Fabrice Frere & Michelle Keller, PlanetFab is a branding & creative design studio that believes good design is everything.

Vision, Vibe & Know-How are what we bring to every project, offering services in concept development, strategy, and design.

We pride ourselves on occupying different creative spaces rather than just one, working with a diverse range of clients across many sectors, regardless of size or location.

Fabrice Frere


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Michelle Keller

Art Director | Partner

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What we're about

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king concept

For us, ‘VISION’ is about seeing possibilities where others see limitations. It’s about transforming the ordinary into tangible realities. Our work has seen numerous “zero to hero” stories, where we’ve brought ideas from concept to creation, in unexpected ways.

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At PlanetFab, we’re all about ‘VIBE’, that “je ne sais quoi” that hits you right in the heart. 

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beauty & brains

‘Know-How’ is our superpower. It’s the secret sauce that brings it all together. We know-how to turn “meh” into “hell yeah!” We’re two creative minds with two+ decades of experience, each bringing our own brand of genius to the table. We’re the yin to each other’s yang, turning the abstract into the concrete with skill and expertise.

what we do

PlanetFab is here to push clients forward. To see what you don’t and show you what we do—discovering what’s not and responding with what’s needed—challenging norms to achieve your full potential.

We embrace the ‘less is more’ philosophy, operating as two, complemented by a solar system of many.

We’re here for you, no agency mumbo jumbo— your creative partner for good design. Always!

our services

brand identity

Brand Strategy
Visual & Verbal Identity
Marketing Collateral

direction & design

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Concept Development
Editorial Design
Print / OOH
Key Art


UX & UI Design
Web Design
Web Development
Film & Video

Services tailored to clients of all scales and industries.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! We don't just design apps; we craft immersive digital experiences that will make your users go "wow!" Get ready for an app that combines sleek aesthetics with seamless functionality.
Imagine having a compass that guides your brand through the vast wilderness of the market. Our brand strategy services provide that compass, helping you define your purpose, connect with your target audience, and stand out from the competition. It's like having a strategic roadmap to success!
Certainly! We're research enthusiasts, and we delve deep into both qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover valuable insights about your consumers. Get ready to gain a profound understanding of your target audience and make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Yes, but we believe in going beyond just creating pretty visuals. Our team works closely with you to develop a captivating brand identity that not only looks great but also represents your values, resonates with your audience, and sets you apart from the rest.

Picture your customers embarking on an unforgettable adventure with your brand. Our experience design services focus on creating immersive and memorable moments at every touchpoint. We'll weave a seamless narrative that captivates your audience and leaves them craving for more.

Absolutely! We're experts at crafting visually enticing food and beverage designs that will make your audience's taste buds tingle. From menus to packaging, we'll ensure your culinary delights look as delicious as they taste.

Without a doubt! We're passionate about web design and user experience. Brace yourself for a website that not only grabs attention with its striking visuals but also provides a seamless browsing experience that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Absolutely! Our retail design expertise goes beyond simply arranging shelves. We'll create a visually appealing and immersive environment that entices customers, drives sales, and makes your brand shine in the retail landscape.

Can you create an eye-catching pop-up kiosk for my brand?

Absolutely! We believe that user experience is the heart of any digital product. Our UX/UI design services focus on creating intuitive and delightful


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