PlanetFab's Brand Clarity Workshop is for those seeking a clarified idea and distinctive perspective


Cost credited towards proposed services by PlanetFab resulting from the the Brand Clarity Workshop.

Our workshop isn’t about us telling you what your brand should be – it’s about working together to find out what makes your brand unique, valuable, and irresistible to your audience.

The time spent in our Brand Clarity Workshop will fundamentally change how you think about your brand. You’ll walk away with not just a clearer vision, but a practical plan for turning that vision into reality.

Think of this workshop as an investment in your brand’s future – a comprehensive package designed to set you up for desired success.


Cost credited towards proposed services by PlanetFab resulting from the the Brand Clarity Workshop.





Our Brand Clarity Workshop is an in-studio, one-on-one immersive experience tailored to delve into the heart of your brand.

In-Depth Discovery:
Through a series of targeted questions, we will examine various aspects of your brand – your aspirations, guiding principles, target audience, market positioning, and more.

Open Dialogue:
Following the questionnaire, we engage in an open discussion to investigate areas that may require deeper exploration, ensuring we have a complete understanding of your brand.

Collaborative Approach:
The workshop is an interactive process. Your insights and input are essential in shaping the outcomes.

Targeted Focus:
Our objective is to understand and clarify, not to create  immediate deliverables like logos or brand names.




After our immersive session, we analyze the gathered insights and develop a detailed written Brief that will guide your brand’s transformation.

Vision: We define your brand’s purpose and aspirations, painting a clear picture of its future direction and how we can help take you there.

Values: We identify the fundamental principles that define your brand’s character, essential for expressing its core beliefs.

Audience: We gain a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, desires, and motivations.

This Brief is your brand’s compass. With this foundation in place, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to make informed decisions and effectively convey your brand’s narrative.





The Roadmap is a tangible blueprint, an actionable plan that directs your brand towards long-term success. It provides a well-defined way forward, specifying the necessary actions, timelines, and the rationale behind each strategic decision. With this Roadmap, you have the flexibility to decide how to proceed.

You can continue working with PlanetFab to bring your brand to life, leveraging our expertise to implement the Roadmap across all touchpoints. Or, use the Roadmap as a standalone resource. Regardless of your choice, your investment in our Brand Clarity Workshop will provide you with the tools and insights needed to drive your brand’s transformation and success.