Fabrice Frere - PlanetFab - Creative Director

Fabrice Frere

Creative Director | Partner

As the co-founder and Creative Director of PlanetFab Studio, Fabrice Frere has carved a niche in the realms of design and advertising with his unparalleled vision and a career spanning over two decades. His journey, rich in diversity and creative triumphs, tells a story of relentless ambition, innovation, and a profound commitment to excellence.

 Fabrice’s professional odyssey began at CondéNast, where he contributed his artistic insights at GQ Magazine. In this role, he honed his skills in production editing and coordinated across various editorial departments, laying the groundwork for his multifaceted expertise.

Transitioning to a leadership role, Fabrice spearheaded CITY Publishing in New York, transforming CITY Magazine from a humble start-up to an acclaimed publication. His exceptional direction led to prestigious accolades, including two ASME awards and multiple SPD awards, rivaling national giants with far greater resources. This period was not just about winning awards; it embodied Fabrice’s ability to inspire a team, manage intricate operations, and challenge the status quo of the publishing world.

In 2008, Fabrice embarked on a new venture, launching PlanetFab Studio, a testament to his visionary approach in the creative industry. Under his leadership, the studio has produced groundbreaking ad campaigns and theatrical posters for over 25 award-winning films, including ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘The Master’. His expertise extends beyond entertainment to fashion, luxury, and hospitality, creating a diverse portfolio that showcases his adaptability and creative prowess.

Fabrice’s approach to design and creativity shuns the conventional ‘niche down’ philosophy. Instead, he revels in the challenges of unfamiliar territories, ensuring each project is approached with a fresh perspective and an open mind. This approach has led to successful ventures with Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, W Hotels, and Elie Tahari, among others.

A self-professed computer geek and network guru, Fabrice’s technical skills are an integral part of his professional identity. His proficiency in the latest technologies complements his creative skills, allowing him to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Client relationships at PlanetFab are built on a foundation of active listening and transparency. Fabrice excels in understanding the client’s core needs, often going beyond their initial requests to deliver solutions that truly resonate with their vision and brand identity.

Fabrice’s commitment extends beyond his professional achievements. He is actively involved in community projects and non-profit organizations, a reflection of his belief in the power of giving back.

Looking forward, Fabrice, alongside his partner Michelle Keller, aspires to continue the legacy of PlanetFab Studio with a focus on bespoke services. Their goal is to maintain the studio’s close-knit approach to client relationships, catering to those who value the unique blend of experience and innovation that PlanetFab offers.