The Master: Power and Persuasion

Crafting a Collage of Characters


The Master




Advertising, Campaigns, Concepts, Creative Direction, Out of Home, Print

Creative Direction: Fabrice Frere & Michelle Keller
Graphic Design: Fabrice Frere & Michelle Keller

TWC asked us to do a poster for The Master, a film by Paul Thomas Anderson partly based on scientology. Hypnotized by the film’s texture and characters, it was a chance to really do something different. We played around with some toy prisms and were amazed by the results.

In the poster, the visual metaphor of a prism dispersing uniformity captures the essence of the film’s commentary on religious / cult conformity. The repetition of the three main characters, each echoing into the other, reflects the cult’s attempt to shape identities, while the clear presence of each character signifies resistance to the loss of self. Created by PlanetFab, this design thoughtfully conveys the struggle between personal identity and the collective, a central theme that courses through the narrative. The poster not only markets the film but also encapsulates its critical examination of individuality within the confines of a controlling institution.

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