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giving flowers & pink triangles an identity


pansy landscaping


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Art Direction, Branding, Identity

design: michelle keller
printing: thikit

Pansy Landscaping isn’t just about gardens; it’s a New York City-based landscaping company celebrating love and queerness, paying homage to the iconic pink triangle of the LGBTQ+ community.

Partnering with Pansy Landscaping’s founder, Gregory Kramer, we crafted an unexpected interpretation of the classic pansy flower. This design harmoniously merges the landscaping business with the historical significance of the pink triangle, without favoring one over the other.

For the bold and unapologetic name “Pansy Landscaping,” we chose a sans-serif extended typeface that echoes the brand’s vibrant spirit.

The color palette is a vibrant duo—Pink, symbolic of passion and love, coupled with a deep evergreen, to symbolize nature. This combination brings a lively contrast to Pansy Landscaping’s visual identity, with the evergreen serving as the secondary background color.

Recognizing that Pansy Landscaping isn’t about slick perfection, we added texture and personality by hand-painting the outline giving the logo raw charm and imperfection

This visual identity is a wink to the rich history of the LGBTQ+ community all while embodying the vibrant spirit of the Pansy Landscaping brand.

PlanetFab is the real deal! Merging pink triangles into a Pansy flower was pure genius! I can’t tell you how many compliments I get every time I present my business card, straight through to my custom-branded onboarding Google docs.
Gregory Kramer
Pansy Landscaping

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