Lycée Français de New York

The Lycée Turns 75

A Cinematic Commemoration Bridging Past and Present



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Creative Direction: Fabrice Frere
Written, Directed and Edited by: Fabrice G. Frere
Line Producer: Scott Hunt
Production Co-ordinator: Claude Aska
Production Associate: Mathilde Carret
Photography: Fabrice G. Frere, Vérane Fradin-Castelnau, Céline Yvan
Motion Graphics: Stéphane Dehais

To celebrate and commemorate the 75th anniversary of this iconic school, the Lycée Français de New York commissioned us to create and produce a short film. The film needed to fulfill certain criteria, such as providing a look back at the history of the school, which was first established in New York City by Charles Ferry de Fontnouvelle in 1935 with just 24 students. Another requirement was to be able to showcase the state-of-the-art building located on the Upper East Side.

The 11-minute film features the following people: Elsa Berry, Vannina Boussouf, Michel Brogard, François Chateau, Evelyn Estey, Stéphan Haimo, Roya Heidari, Susan Fales-Hill, Jean-Michel Huet, Remy Loumbrozo, Elise Maman,  Philippe De Montebello, Malika Moufflet,  Bernard Otalora, Jennifer Oughourlian, Marie-Noelle Pierce, James Polchek, Susie Rodriguez, Paul Sara, Yves Thézé, Hariette Weitzman, Donna Zilka, Ezra Zilka.

PlanetFab Studio brilliantly captured the essence of LFNY's 75-year legacy in their film for our anniversary. Their ability to intertwine our rich history with our modern facilities was exceptional. We're grateful for a piece that perfectly commemorates our journey and resonates deeply with our community
Yves Thézé
Principal, Lycée Français de New York

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