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ECS 2020/21




Advertising, Art Direction, Campaigns, Copywriting, Concepts, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Identity, Illustration, Naming, Print, Strategy

creative direction: fabrice frere
art direction: michelle keller
graphic design: michelle keller
illustration: michelle keller
brand messaging/copywriting: fabrice frere & michelle keller

As traditional classrooms became inaccessible, Equality Charter School(ECS) swiftly transitioned to virtual learning. Recognizing the significance of the upcoming school year, we acknowledged the importance of fostering togetherness and maintaining a positive spirit to ensure the thriving of students, families, faculty, and the entire community.

In response, we introduced a new cast of characters that would set the stage for back-to-school remote learning. Simultaneously, the annual appeal postcard was launched, shedding light on the funding required for essential equipment and materials to support Equality’s scholars in their successful transition to remote education.

For the 2020-21 annual portfolio, our challenge was to effectively convey and showcase the positive aspects of adapting to the pandemic. Drawing inspiration from the success of our punctuation cover concept, design system and template for the 2019-20 annual portfolio, our creative response for 2020-21 took the form of the ampersand. Paired with the words ‘Courage’ and ‘Creativity,’ it not only symbolizes togetherness and inclusion but also serves as a testament to how Equality Charter School adeptly navigated the school year. This title is a tribute to the scholars, faculty, and staff for their successful adaptation to the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

equality's remote learning back-to-school postcard 2020-21

ecs's annual appeal postcard designed to secure funding for all essential items required to support scholars' remote learning needs during the pandemic

the 2020-2021 annual portfolio effectively conveyed and showcased the positive aspects of adapting to the pandemic

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