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equality charter school Steppin’ Up event campaign




Art Direction, Campaigns, Copywriting, Concepts, Creative Direction, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Identity, Illustration, Naming, Print, Project Management, Strategy

creative direction: fabrice frere & michelle keller
illustration: michelle keller
production: PlanetFab Studio

In June 2022, Equality Charter School hosted its annual Spring Reception, with PlanetFab as the featured design partner. Since 2019, PlanetFab Studio has proudly spearheaded the design of Equality’s annual reception campaigns. This year’s event stood out as the school aimed to honor individuals who showed exceptional dedication and resilience during the pandemic while also highlighting its new brand identity. The occasion was marked by an invitation to staff and select elected officials for an unforgettable evening, with a special emphasis on dancing.

PlanetFab played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and executing ‘Steppin’ Up’ the theme and dynamic campaign designed to honor those who stepped up during challenging times. We created original artwork to vividly convey the ‘Steppin’ Up’ theme. This included various visual and creative elements such as printed invitations, posters, pins, a step-and-repeat for press and accolades, and digital materials on platforms like MailChimp and social media. We were also responsible for overseeing decorations and the overall aesthetics of the event.

As a token of appreciation for each guest, PlanetFab proposed, designed, and produced a bespoke, high-quality portable Bluetooth speaker adorned with the new Equality logo. The Bluetooth speaker, paired with a specially curated Spotify playlist, not only served as a keepsake but also captured the rhythm and vibe of the evening.

Our creative strategy for this project was to make the attendee experience extra special with thoughtful touches and eye-catching visuals. The intention behind our creative approach was to create a lasting impression that stays with each guest well beyond the end of the night.

This was also the first Spring Reception campaign that prominently featured Equality Charter Schools’ new brand identity, created by PlanetFab as part of the school’s 360 rebranding initiative.

digital platforms like MailChimp and social media,