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Rachel Dunham Design Identity




Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Print

Client: Rachel Dunham Design
Creative Direction: Michelle Keller
Design: Michelle Keller
Production: PlanetFab

Rachel Dunham is a talented interior designer with a distinctive style that ranges from transitional to eclectic to modern. She has a flair for incorporating bold pops of color, blending patterns, and using texture to add interest to a space.

PlanetFab was engaged to enhance the brand of Rachel Dunham Design with a new logo. With a deep understanding of Rachel’s approach to interior design, we aimed to create a logo that accurately reflects her unique vision.

We approached the project with a focus on authenticity and simplicity. We started by customizing the letters “R” and “D” to create a symbol that combined both letters into a modern and bold “R.” By creating a custom symbol instead of relying on a pre-existing font, we highlighted Rachel’s commitment to individuality and creating a unique brand.

The color palette was a key aspect of the design, and we had fun with it by creating a range of bold and playful colors for each individual card. This reinforced the playful nature of Rachel’s business cards and note cards, creating a memorable and lasting impression with clients and solidifying her brand identity.

Working with PlanetFab Studio was an exhilarating journey. Their passion and creativity brought my brand to life, making the process as delightful as the stunning end result!
Rachel Dunham
Rachel Dunham Design