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Butterfly Soho 

One of our recent hospitality projects, Butterfly Soho at 60 Thompson, a joint creation from John McDonald and Nur Khan which involved creating a brand identity that embodied a minimal design in order to let the rich texture and design of the space from interior designer Jason Volenec speak for itself. The room was further transformed by the addition of iconic works by Damien Hirst.

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Butterfly bar planetfab studio 1

Brand Identity for Butterfly

The bar needed a brand identity that was restrained, but that would convey an upscale feel.  We created a logo and logomark that would work well, a logo that would allow us to drop the word “Bar” as “Butterfly” is optically already a long word to begin with. Transforming the last letter into a classic martini glass proved to be effective in this regard.

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butterfly soho business card planetfab
Butterfly menu 2


We created a complete set of stationery, including business cards, letterhead, and other collateral materials.
This process also involved designing various iterations of their menus.

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Butterfly soho brand dentity design planetfab fabrice frere

Client: Mercer Street Hospitality
Special Thanks: John McDonald & Nur Khan
Creative Direction: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller
Design: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller
Interior Photography: Michael Condran
Visit the Butterfly Soho Website!

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