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a simplified approach for a dining destination


Bluebird & Co. Merch


Hospitality & Lifestyle


Art Direction, Branding, Consultancy, Graphic Design, Identity

Creative Direction: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller
Design: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller
Production: Planetfab Studio

Bluebird & Co., a restaurant celebrating the outdoors in Hancock, MA, near Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, approached PlanetFab for a consultation regarding the development of merchandise using their existing logo. It became evident to us that their current logo would present notable challenges in terms of scalability and its compatibility with a diverse range of merchandise items. As a result, we decided to play and update the logo with the objective of not only representing the brand but also appealing to a broader audience, including the diverse clientele of nearby hotels and visitors.

Our primary objective was to simplify, creating something modern and adaptable to seamlessly integrate into various forms of collateral, merchandise, and promotional materials. The refresh for us was straightforward: a one-color palette, an updated logo mark, and typography, all with a more current vibe, ensuring its appeal to an audience.