Michelle Keller

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Michelle Keller
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Michelle Keller

Art Director, Graphic Designer

I am smart
I am sexy
I am provocative, beautiful and simple
I know what I like
I have my own aesthetic
I have design sensibility
I’m a curator of ideas

I think good design is the answer to everything
I find joy in simplicity and authenticity
I bring value
I want you to see my worth

I am Michelle Keller

I am inspired by Paula Scher, Terence Conran, Carlos Scarpa
I am enamored with Warhol, Gauguin, Picasso
I am seduced by jeans, Adidas sneakers, a Mercedes Benz Jeep, Friday, a great tan
I am charmed by Reggae, Fiona Apple, Blondie, Dave Matthews, and lately Lizzo
I am hooked on Ikea, Zara, H&M, Target, Muji

I am an art director, graphic designer, artist and owner of PlanetFab Studio

I don’t like the word no
I believe you need input for output
I value experience
I love the sun
I am wild for the beach
I am a mother, lover, woman

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Area of Expertise : Art Direction | Graphic Design

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