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equality charter school Level Up campaign




Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Campaigns, Concepts, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Identity, Naming, Print

creative director: fabrice frere
art director: michelle keller
graphic design: michelle keller

Equality Charter School sought to raise capital for its ‘Saturday Academy,’ a learning program designed to help students affected by the loss of learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The program would provide extracurricular support in various subjects to assist students in getting back on track.

When Equality engaged PlanetFab to create its Annual Appeal campaign for the ‘Saturday Academy’ program, they initially characterized it as an ‘Intervention’ and suggested marketing it to scholars, parents, and donors in this way. Our immediate reaction: this won’t vibe with the target audience, nor is it aspirational. To us, ‘Intervention’ typically conveys a sense of confrontation and is often associated with issues like substance abuse and dependence.

We knew we could do better!

Diving deeper into the program’s background, we discovered that it was co-founded by Gail Whitney in 1983. Driven by her lifelong interest in sparking children’s innate curiosity, she and fellow coordinator Jackie Jackson established ‘Saturday Academy.’ This historical context reinforced what we had already envisioned—more than just an ‘Intervention’ on a Saturday. This program presented a real opportunity for students to receive the additional support they needed to rebuild their confidence and achieve academic success.

Inspired by the program’s history and founders, we understood that our vision for ‘Saturday Academy’ needed to be both aspirational and engaging, a chance for students to ‘Level Up.’

This ‘Level Up’ concept emphasized the idea of ‘upping’ your game and positioned the program as a source of support and enrichment for students.

In addition to the Annual Appeal postcard, we designed merchandise and signage, featuring tote bags and roll-up banners, to effectively promote and inform scholars and parents about this exceptional program.

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the ‘Level Up’ campaign, Equality not only secured the required funding but surpassed its targets, ensuring that Middle and High School students can confidently ‘Level Up’ and stay ahead.