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Butterfly SoHo identity


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Identity: Fabrice Frere

Butterfly, situated on the second floor of the luxurious Sixty Soho Hotel in New York City, is a trendy and upscale bar & lounge. Conceived by hospitality veterans John McDonald of Mercer Street Hospitality and Nur Khan, known for his successful ventures including Rose Bar and Electric Room, Butterfly sought to create a unique brand identity that would reflect its art-inspired ambiance and capture the attention of its sophisticated clientele.

PlanetFab was engaged to establish the brand identity that aligned with the art-centric theme of the venue, inspired by Damien Hirst’s artworks featuring iridescent butterflies. As we began, we quickly realized that the original name, “Butterfly Bar,” was too lengthy, so we dropped the word “Bar” to create a more visually balanced name which we transformed the last letter “Y” in “BUTTERFLY” into a stylish martini glass symbol capturing the essence of the bar and lounge experience, adding a playful and distinctive visual element to the brand.