Who Loves The Sun?

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Who loves the sun? 

A brainstorming session between photographer Martyn Thompson and creative director Fabrice Frere sidetracked one afternoon into a discussion about their all-time favorite music tracks. After a round robin of Blondie tunes, Fab suggested a song by the Velvet Undergound, “Who Loves the Sun.” Sure enough, Martyn came back a week later with a striking visual interpretation of the song, dedicated to anyone who’s ever been a tad heartbroken…

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sdh_book_base 2_0149
sdh_book_base 2_0150
sdh_book_base 2_0151
sdh_book_base 2_0152

Creative Director: Fabrice Frere
Photography: Martyn Thompson
Fashion Styling: Molly Findlay
Model: Mark Doering
Original lyrics: Lou Reed


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