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    After the success of Horacio Salinas’ award-winning “White Heat”, we couldn’t wait to get him shooting for us again.  Given carte blanche, Horacio chose to pay homage to one of his favorite television shows as a kid, The Twilight Zone. Using jewelry, accessories, and fashion, each photograph recreates—with a twist—classic imagery from the show’s title sequence and most famous episodes. Most uncanny, however, is how closely Dana Dunham, who was Horacio’s assistant at the time, looks like Rod Serling. Horacio in fact admitted to us later that he only decided he wanted to do a Twilight Zone shoot after first noticing the resemblance.

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Photography: Horacio Salinas
Styling: Amber Gordon
Hair: Jutta at John Sahag Workshop
Models: Dana Dunham, Christina Ambers at Parts
Stylist’s assistant: Heather Smith

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