Pansy Landscaping

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Pansy Landscaping –
Project: Logo Design / Identity

When Pansy Landscaping, a newly established landscaping company, asked PlanetFab to craft a logo that would incorporate the pink triangle, a symbol renowned for its significance in the LGBT community and its association with love and queerness, we were excited to take on the challenge.


We approached the project with a creative mindset, exploring different concepts, typographical styles, color palettes, and shapes. Our dedication and perseverance paid off when we finally arrived at a design that perfectly captures the essence of the Pansy brand, mimicking the Pansy flower with outlines of the pink triangle at its center.

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planetfab pansy sweatshirt pink

The final logo design for Pansy Landscaping was a resounding success, as we managed to strike the ideal balance between representing the business of landscaping and artfully incorporating the pink triangle symbol, paying homage to its rich history and meaning. We are proud to have contributed to the successful launch of the Pansy Landscaping brand.

Client: Pansy Lanscaping
Creative Direction: Michelle Keller
Design: Michelle Keller
Production: PlanetFab


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