Julien Farel – US Open 15 years

Brand Identity, Campaign, Poster

Julien Farel – US Open 15 years

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Julien Farel – US Open 15 years
Julien Farel –
US Open 15 Love Campaign
Project: brand identity / campaign

We’re thrilled to showcase our recent collaboration with Julien Farel, the luxury hair and spa salon that serves as the official sanctuary for the U.S. Open. Celebrating their 15-year relationship with the prestigious sporting event, we sought to amplify the brand’s unique story with a comprehensive and multi-faceted campaign.

Anchoring the campaign was an eye-catching window graphic design for their flagship store in New York City, aimed at captivating the fast-paced urban audience.


Within the U.S. Open grounds, we crafted a striking mural that greeted players as they arrived, enriching the atmosphere and accentuating the salon’s commitment to excellence.

We further elevated the visual experience with three custom posters that blended evocative language and arresting imagery.


Complementing these larger-scale pieces, we designed an array of tasteful merchandise—from a bespoke pin to a collection of T-shirts and a chic bucket hat—each imbued with Julien Farel’s unmatched elegance and sophistication.

white pocket tee_08

This project stands as a testament to our holistic approach to creative direction, where every touchpoint is an opportunity to deepen a brand’s connection with its audience.

Client: Julien Farel
Creative Direction: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller
Design: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller
Illustration: Michelle Keller
Production: PlanetFab
Copy Writing: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller


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