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Glass Menagerie

When stylist extraordinaire Andrea Menke approached us about a fashion editorial she wanted to shoot with a photographer that she discovered, Andre Gabb, my initial response was “sure, let’s see his portfolio”. She then replied that he didn’t have a portfolio, and that he hadn’t really shot a fashion story before. Let’s be honest, most creative directors would have pretty much closed the discussion at that point, but Andrea was so adamant that this could be a great thing, that I finally, and reluctantly, gave in. The two set-out to create a narrative loosely based on the theme of a glass menagerie, and they did not disappoint. When the prints came back, it was so refreshing to see something so different, and so out of the norm. The painterly portrait image became the cover of our fall fashion issue.


Photography: Andre Gabb
Styling: Andrea Menke
Hair: Brent Lavett
Makeup: Christina Reyna
Set design: Kerry Reardon
Models: Reka Ebergenyi, Courtney Heron, and Angelica Boss


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