Equality Charter School Rebrand

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Equality Charter School

Equality Charter School is one of the hightest performing charter schools in New York City, impacting Co-Op City and Castle Hill communities in the Bronx. Opened in 2009, Equality serves all students, regardless of their prior academic performance or needs, including those who are under-performing or are from families in need of more resources. Founded and led by Caitlin Franco, Equality Charter School includes one middle school and one high school with future plans to include: a College and Career Exploration program, an expansion to elementary school, and Adult Programming classes.

Working to rebrand Equality Charter School, PlanetFab has designed a new graphic identity, mission statement, and brand message that conveys the schools’ innovative educational and community mission. Equality is known for providing an engaging, academically rigorous, fully inclusive learning environment– and we wanted the new identity to reflect this. We realized the new identity had to inspire and encourage not only Equality students but the entire Equality community. To achieve this, we created original hand-drawn art, introduced a friendly display font and a geometric sans-serif as the supporting typeface.


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Original art and typographic collateral created to introduce Equality’s new mission statement, intended to encourage and inspire Equality students, supporters and community.

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A roll-fold brochure created, showcasing Equality’s mission statement using infographic statistics about the school, asking supporters and lobbyists to renew and expand Equality’s charter.

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A 16-page Annual Portfolio brochure showcasing Equality’s 2019-2020 school year using infographic statistics about the school.

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Client: Equality Charter School
Creative Direction: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller
Design: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller
Original Artwork: Michelle Keller
Production: PlanetFab
Copywriting: Fabrice Frere, Michelle Keller

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