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Whenever another big fashion story falls through last minute, it seems like it’s Phillip Toledano to the rescue. Here, we set out to produce a fashion editorial based on a romantic music video that our colleague, Hamish Robertson, shared with the entire team. The idea was to set up a fake casting call for auditions, using people found on Craigslist along with some of the CITY staff (Hamish included). Some of the “actors” thought that they were actually auditioning for a part, and got right into it: The expressions on their faces are as authentic as it gets.  

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sdh_book_base 2_02931
sdh_book_base 2_02941

Creative Director: Fabrice Frere
Photography: Phillip Toledano
Fashion Styling: Beverley Hyde
Hair and makeup: Nickee David    

Models: Tom Forrest, Sarah Greenfield, Conor Hautaniemi, Joseph Fleming, Abdel Kachtiene, Pat Duggan, Sheri de Borchgrave, Andy Coughlan, Hamish Robertson


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